Analytical methods for determination of Amphotericin B in biological samples: a short review

  • Gurpreet Singh Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar (Punjab),143005
  • Tanurajvir Kaur
  • Anudeep Kaur
  • Ravinder Kaur
  • Ramandeep Kaur
Keywords: Amphotericin B, Biological samples, Plasma, Human CSF, Piroxicam, HPLC


Determination of Amphotericin B in biological samples is of great importance, not only in clinical and forensic toxicology, but also in drug testing and pharmacokinetic profile. Human biological samples including organs, tissues, biofluids such as blood and their derivatives, are increasingly important resources for biomedical research. They can help us to understand how a diagnosis can be carried out, categorized and treatment can be further imitated for a whole variety of medical condition and are particularly important when studying pharmacokinetic profile of drugs in animal models. This review paper is a compilation of last 60 years research articles from 1954 to 2013 that describe procedures for the detection of Amphotericin B, in enormous variety of biological samples.  The efficient analytical techniques assigned for accurately analyzing and quantifying drug in biological samples are HPLC and LC MS/MS (hyphenated techniques). Furthermore, this review provides all basic information regarding the sample preparation, type of biological sample and all detail concerning the determination through chromatography.

Author Biography

Gurpreet Singh, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar (Punjab),143005
Assistant Professor [Pharmaceutics]Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences


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