Rapid Diagnosis of Tubercular Bacilli in Sputum Cytology

  • Rajat Kumar S N Medical College
  • Khushbu Kumari SNMC & HSK Hospital, Bagalkot, India
  • K D Kulkarni SNMC & HSK Hospital, Bagalkot, India
  • S S Hiremath SNMC & HSK Hospital, Bagalkot, India
  • Prabhu M H SNMC & HSK Hospital, Bagalkot, India
Keywords: Pap, Auramine-O, Sputum, ZN stain, Fluorescent Microscopy


Background Tuberculosis is a most common infectious disease which is still remains a leading cause of adult mortality.  There are various methods for the diagnosis of tuberculosis, such as sputum examination of tubercular bacilli by Ziehl-Neelsen (ZN) staining, demonstration of tubercular bacilli by Auramine-O, Papanicolaou (Pap) stain staining and culture in LJ medium. Aim The aim of present study was to evaluate the diagnostic utility of Pap stain, Auramine-O and ZN stain in rapid diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in sputum cytology. Material & Methods Study was done on Sputum of clinically suspected case of pulmonary tuberculosis from June 2017 to August 2017. On all received sample Z N, Pap, Auramine-O staining done. Result Among clinically suspected 150 patients. Tuberculosis was diagnosed in 74 patients. Pap shows 49 (66.21%) , Auramine-O shows 42(56.75%) ; ZN shows 35 (47.29%) cases positive. Conclusion Evening rise of Temperature, Weight Loss, and Cough more than 2 weeks, CXR reports are the main evidence to suspect a case of Tuberculosis. Males are more affected than female and more in case of seropositive patient. Pap is slightly more sensitive than Auramine-O in diagnosis of Pulmonary tuberculosis in Fluorescent Microscopy.

Author Biographies

K D Kulkarni, SNMC & HSK Hospital, Bagalkot, India
Deptt. Of Pulmonary Medicine
S S Hiremath, SNMC & HSK Hospital, Bagalkot, India
Deptt. Of Pathology
Prabhu M H, SNMC & HSK Hospital, Bagalkot, India
Deptt. Of Pathology


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