Comparison between effectiveness of didactic versus interactive lectures taken in Department of Pathology for second MBBS students

  • Archana Khandelwal Department of Pathology, Terna Medical College
  • Aradhana Mishra Department of Pathology, Terna Medical College
Keywords: Didactic, interactive lectures, CBME, Indian Medical Graduate


Background: This study was conducted in view of decrease in academic performance of second MBBS students in Pathology. This can be attributed to the quality and type of lectures taken in the department. Students will have lesser capabilities to do clinicopathological correlation of various diseases and may become more prone to order unnecessary tests for diagnosis. This study is done to find out if a newer and different method of taking a lecture improves the outcome of knowledge and its application.   Methods: According to the ongoing timetable of lectures allotted for the Second MBBS students, two topics were selected. According to the ongoing timetable of lectures allotted for the Second MBBS students, two topics were selected. Students were made aware of the study and the consent was taken. Students were randomly divided into two groups and were taught in two patterns i.e. didactic and interactive. All the students were exposed to both types of lectures. Students were given pre and post tests in both the lectures. A separate questionnaire was given to students regarding classroom culture followed by students during the lectures.   Result: It was determined that the students fared better in both the post tests taken after didactic as well as interactive lectures. The results also revealed that the post test scores of interactive lectures are in fact lower than the didactic lectures post score.   Conclusion: - With this study, as per the results obtained, we can conclude that the didactic lectures taken in our department are as good and even better than the interactive lectures in terms of knowledge imparted to the students.


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