Effect of temperature variation and Determination of optimum temperature of alpha amylase activity in Telescopium telescopium.

  • Sharvari Nilesh Kudtarkar Mumbai University
Keywords: Amylase, Telescopium, Optimum Temperature


Abstract                The changes in enzyme activity of α- amylase from hepatopancreas of Telescopium telescopium from the Chorao Island of Goa State were investigated during year 2004 to 2006. The enzyme activity was observed highest at 20 minutes of incubation time and was 30.0 ± 10.83 µ mols/mg protein/min. The lowest enzyme activity was observed at zero minute of incubation and was 19.17 ± 1.23 µ mols/mg protein/min. At 40 0C of incubation temperature the highest enzymatic activity was observed and was 32.05 ± 3.307 µ mols/mg protein/min which is recorded as the optimum temperature. The enzyme activities were also noted for one week starved Telescopium telescopium in laboratory.

Author Biography

Sharvari Nilesh Kudtarkar, Mumbai University
Doing Ph.D.Working as a lecturer in K. J. Somaiya College , Vidyavihar, Mumbai.


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