Acute Eosinophilic Appendicitis: Case report of three cases with brief review of literature

  • Rajeshwari Karibasappa Kumbar Assistant professor Department of pathology ACPM medical college Dhule
  • N V Dravid
  • Karibasappa GN
  • Akshay Surana
Keywords: Eosinophils, Appendix, Eosinophilic Appendicitis,


Acute eosinophilic appendicitis (AEA) is a rare variant of appendix inflammation. The histologic hallmark of this entity is eosinophilic infiltration of the musularis layer with accompanying oedema separating the muscle fibres with out neutrophilic infiltration.To the best of our knowledge there are very few cases of eosinophilic appendicitis (EA) in the absence of any other abnormality reported in the literature. Hence, we made an attempt to study the cases of AEA and to draw the relevant conclusion about the disease pathogenesis. Out of total 159 appendectomy cases, three cases were found to have eosinophilic appendicitis (EA) and these cases were studied for clinical and pathological findings. Incidence of 0.02% (3/15) with male preponderance was found. We herein, present the cases of AEA which is rare variant and less understood entity.  


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