Post-coital Acute Rectovaginal fistula: a rare case report

  • Puja Jain medical graduation from b r ambedkar university agra.postgraduation in obs &gynae from ddu university gorakhpur u.p.
  • Rashmi Saini
Keywords: Rectovaginal fistula, Postcoital


Most case of Rectovaginal fistula are caused by obstetric injuries, surgical complications, infections and rarely may follow coital Acts. Postcoital non obstetric vaginal laceration due to consensual sexual Act are generally minute mucosal tears and generally heal by themselves, but in some cases, the vaginal mucosa is lacerated deeper and bleeding may require suturing of open vessels. The aim of this case report is to highlight a rare case of acute low rectovaginal fistula which a 25 yrs old women developed by penile penetration through the full thickness of rectovaginal wall after consensual intercourse and its management in emergency settings.

Author Biography

Puja Jain, medical graduation from b r ambedkar university agra.postgraduation in obs &gynae from ddu university gorakhpur u.p.
specialist ,department of obs & gynae  swami dayanand hospital shahadra delhi


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