Unruptured 14 weeks tubal ampullary pregnancy :a rare case report

  • Puja Jain medical graduation from b r ambedkar university agra.postgraduation in obs &gynae from ddu university gorakhpur u.p.
  • Dipti Agrawal
  • Sunita Fotedar
Keywords: unruptured, ampullary, tubal pregnancy


Ectopic pregnancy is a life threatening condition and presents itself in diverse ways. Ninety five percent of ectopic pregnancies occur in fallopian tube .Ampulla is the most common site of ectopic tubal pregnancy. Diagnosis and exact location of ectopic pregnancy is usually easy during the first trimester of pregnancy by ultrasonography .However in developing countries, where resources are limited, most women do not undergo ultrasound examination during pregnancy, leading to late diagnosis. The reported average duration of diagnosis of unruptured tubal pregnancy is between 5 and 9 weeks of gestation. Rarely tubal pregnancy can remain asymptomatic and unruptured for longer duration than usual scenario. This case reports a rare case of viable, unruptured, tubal ampullary ectopic pregnancy of 14 weeks gestational age.  

Author Biography

Puja Jain, medical graduation from b r ambedkar university agra.postgraduation in obs &gynae from ddu university gorakhpur u.p.
specialist ,department of obs & gynae  swami dayanand hospital shahadra delhi


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