Rare site of Metastasis in Cancer Cervix: a Case Report

  • Sweta Khanuja S N Medical College, Agra
  • Vijay Anand S N Medical College, Agra
Keywords: Cervical Cancer, Abdominal wall metastasis,


Cervical cancer rarely metastasizes to skin. This occurs in <2% of patients. It is more common in patients who do not receive radiotherapy after surgery but can be seen in patients after radiotherapy who have deferred taking radiotherapy by few months. We report a patient who received radiotherapy four months after surgery and remained asymptomatic for 5 months. She then noticed a lump in abdomen for which she underwent excision of the lump and it was reported as squamous cell carcinoma. The patient was concluded to have abdominal wall recurrence of cancer cervix.

Author Biographies

Sweta Khanuja, S N Medical College, Agra
Lecturer, Department of Radiotherapy
Vijay Anand, S N Medical College, Agra
Senior Resident, Department of Surgery


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