Results of prompt intravitreal injections in cluster endophthalmitis following cataract surgery

  • Vartika Sobat Anand Adesh Medical College And hospital, Mohri NH1 Haryana
  • Balbir Khan
  • Meenu Kashyap
  • Sachin Anand
Keywords: Endophthalmitis, cluster, phacoemulsification


The purpose of this study was to determine clinical presentation, microbiological spectrum and visual outcome of cluster endophthalmitis patients after cataract surgery .The records of cluster endophthalmitis patients were retrospectively reviewed. Intravitreal injection were given to all patients, viterous was sent for culture,smear was sterile in most cases only in 3 cases there was few pus cells.All patients had good visual outcome. 

Author Biography

Vartika Sobat Anand, Adesh Medical College And hospital, Mohri NH1 Haryana
Ophthalmology,, Assiatant Professor


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