Tumour-like lesions of oral cavity: A clinicopathological study of 95 cases

  • Smita Surendra Masamatti consultant pathologist at ISHA DIAGNOSTICS ,BANGALORE,INDIA
  • Alka V Gosavi
  • Kalpana Ranjitsingh Sulhyan
Keywords: Oral cavity, pyogenic granuloma, Reactive lesion, Tumourlike lesion,


Background: Tumourlike lesions or reactive lesions of the oral cavity are group of fibroconnective tissue lesions that commonly occur in the oral mucosa as a result of injury. Aim: The purpose of this study is to determine the relative prevalence of different histopathological aspects of oral soft tissue tumourlike lesions which were received at Pathology department, Government medical college, Miraj, MaharashtraMethods: A total number of 95 cases of tumourlike lesions were included in the study. Specimens were received at department of pathology, Government medical college, Miraj, Maharashtra over a period of 5 years from August 2008 to July 2013. It was one year retrospective and four years prospective, cross sectional studyResult: A total number of 642 oral biopsies and excised specimens were studied, out of which 95cases (14.8%) belonged to tumourlike lesions. Among tumorlike lesions, pyogenic granuloma (47.38%) was the commonest lesion, followed by Mucocele (26.32%).  Majority of tumorlike lesions were located on gingiva (38.94%) followed by lower lip (28.42%). Males (57.89%) were more commonly affected than females and the commonest symptom was swelling (100%).Conclusion: The most common tumourlike lesion in our study was pyogenic granuloma. Few very rare and interesting cases like plasma cell granuloma and Nasolabial cyst were also seen. Tumorlike lesions presented mainly as nodule or swelling, which should be differentiated from other benign and sometimes malignant lesions, as the tumourlike lesions have good prognosis when compared to malignant lesions. Hence histopathology remains the mainstay for correct diagnosis and treatment.  DOI: 10.21276/AABS.1426 

Author Biography

Smita Surendra Masamatti, consultant pathologist at ISHA DIAGNOSTICS ,BANGALORE,INDIA


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