Laboratory parameters in clinically suspected dengue cases in tertiary care teaching hospital in North Maharashtra

  • Madhuri Magan Suryawanshi Shri Bhausaheb Hire Govt. Medical College, Dhule, 424001 Maharashtra
  • Shubhangi Chandrashekhar Dange Shri Bhausaheb Hire Govt. Medical College, Dhule, 424001 Maharashtra
  • M N Dravid
  • Sunil P Lilani
  • Pooja Shah
Keywords: NS1 (Nonstructural protein 1) DENV (dengue virus), IgM (Immunoglobulin M), ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay)


Background: Dengue an arbovirus infection,  has significantly increased in past decade causing increased mortality & morbidity in temperate countries including India. Earlier diagnosis helps in prompt treatment resulting in decrease in mortality & prevention of complications. In present study we have evaluated laboratory parameters for diagnosis along with different demographic profile for prevention of disease.Methods: All clinically suspected patients tested for NS1Ag & IgM by ELISA along with platelet count & Peripheral blood smear. Individual results were used in comparative analysis according to demographic (gender, age) and  laboratory (platelet counts,  NS1 Ag & IgM) profilesResult: Total serologically confirmed cases  were 583( 21.12%) . Lower platelet counts was  the most important factors in predicting dengue infection. Furthermore, all demographic and laboratory profiles presented a conservative temporal pattern throughout this long-lasting outbreak.Conclusion: As consistency throughout the epidemic facilitated defining the conservation pattern throughout the early stages, this was useful for improving management during the remaining period. Also NS1 Ag is early & reliable test. DOI: 10.21276/AABS.1733

Author Biographies

Madhuri Magan Suryawanshi, Shri Bhausaheb Hire Govt. Medical College, Dhule, 424001 Maharashtra
Assistant Professor Department Of Microbiology
Shubhangi Chandrashekhar Dange, Shri Bhausaheb Hire Govt. Medical College, Dhule, 424001 Maharashtra
Assistant Professor


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