Performance Evaluation of 5 part analyzer ADVIA 2120i at Medical College Laboratory.

  • Sachin Sadanand Kale Central Lab, MGM Medical College and Hospital, Auranagabad(India)
  • Neha Amrut Mahajan Central Lab, MGM Medical College and Hospital, Aurangabad(India)
Keywords: Study 5 part analyser, Complete blood count(CBC), Correlation, slide, flagging, slide review rates.


Background: Central Lab, MGM Medical College is a NABL accredited medical college hospital laboratory.  Lab serves more than 100 clinicians associated with hospital, hospital partners, and private consultants.We commissioned 5 part analyzer Advia 2120i for giving better service to our clinicians and patients. Over next 2 yearsas our quality control and patient data was accumulating, we assessed the analyzer for precision, stability, differential capabilities, slide review rates.Methods: Three hundred samples were assessed for differential and morphology flagging on each analyzer using the reference 100 cell manual differential for comparison. Precision data was collected from 3 level internal quality control samples from BioRad, and Bias was assessed from EQAS program of Randox and Biorad LaboratoriesResult: Stability studies at 24 hours showed that Advia gave good reproducibility of retained patient samples, with minimal changes in the mean corpuscular volume (MCV) and hematocrit. Study showed that precision  and bias of Advia 2120i never exceeded 5% for any of CBC parameter, differential count using paired ‘t’ test for comparing manual countand machine generated count showed no significant difference between the two when checked for all the blood cells like neutrophils (p:0.3), lymphocytes (p:7.5), eosinophils (p:0.6), monocytes (p:0.04). Correlation for RBC flags like macrocytes, microcytes, anisocytosis and NRBC`s was 100% whereas correlation for LUC was 80%,blast 70%,immature granulocytes 96% and atypical cells was 95%.Conclusion: In conclusion, our study reveals that performance of Advia 2120i is satisfactory i.e. well within the CLIA limits for CBC and the machine is fit for purpose.DOI:10.21276/AABS.1843

Author Biography

Sachin Sadanand Kale, Central Lab, MGM Medical College and Hospital, Auranagabad(India)
Assistant professor,Department of pathology


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