Primary Ewing sarcoma of scalp diagnosed on cytology: A rare case report

  • Ankit Kaushik VMMC and Safdarjung Hospital, GGSIPU
  • Sakshi Sirswal
  • Kusum Gupta
  • Sachin Kolte
  • Disha Arora
Keywords: Ewing sarcoma, Cytology, Scalp


Primary Ewing sarcoma is small round cell tumour of neuroectodermal origin. We report a case of 16 year old female presenting with large cystic, osteolytic mass lesion in temporal region. The cytology showed loose and cohesive cluster of small round epithelial cells that were CD 99 and synaptophysin positive on immunocytochemistry.Primary scalp Ewing sarcoma is very rare, and can present with cystic lesion. FNAC along with immunocytochemistry provides early opportunity for diagnosis and treatment.   


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