Survival in triple negative metastatic breast carcinoma

  • Aleksandar Nikola Serafimov Clinical Hospital Stip University of Goce Delcev Stip, Macedonia
  • Marija A Karakolevska-Ilova
  • Elena S. Simeonovska Joveva
Keywords: Breast Cancer, Metastases, Hormone Therapy, Immunohistochemistry


Breast cancer is the most common non-skin malignancy in women, the second most common cause of cancer death, and the main cause of death in women ages 45 to 55 years. An estimated 1 million cases of breast cancer are diagnosed annually worldwide. Approximately 5-10% of patients with breast cancer have distant metastases at first presentation.The patient came to the Clinic of oncology and radiotherapy in March 2005 for further treatment with the diagnosis: Carcinoma metastaticum vertebrae lumbosacralis.Initial treatment was included 6 cycles of chemotherapy, bisphosphonate therapy and realized radiotherapy. Tumor markers at the end of treatment: CEA 238; CA15-3: 19.6.  After that a radical mastectomy of the left breast with dissection of left axilla was conducted and pathological analysis showed poorly differentiated ductal invasive carcinoma (grade 3 according to Nottingham Histologic Score) with immunohistochemistry findings: HER: negative, ER: negative, PR: negative or Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC).

Author Biography

Aleksandar Nikola Serafimov, Clinical Hospital Stip University of Goce Delcev Stip, Macedonia
Medical doctor at department of is my second email.


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