Intracranial chondromas : A retrospective cross sectional analysis of this rare tumor in tertiary hospital, Coimbatore

  • Puvitha Rajeswari Duraisami Coimbatore Medical College
  • Shifa Ibrahim Assistant Professor,Department of Pathology,Madurai Medical College,Madurai
  • Rajeswari Thivya Dhanabalan Sree Sathya Sai Medical college and research Institute.
Keywords: Chondromas, Calcification, Chondrocytes, Spheno-ethmoid


Background: Chondromas are benign tumors that may be found in any part of the body. Tumors of cartilaginous origin presenting as an intracranial neoplasm, are very rare,[0.2-0.3%]. There are many hypotheses regarding its origin in the intracranial location. Diagnosing this tumor is mandatory as treatment and follow up depends upon the exact diagnosis. A retrospective cross sectional studyAim: To diagnose intracranial chondroma and to calculate the incidence, mean age, sex predilection and site predilection of this rare tumor in our hospital set up.Method: All central nervous tumor cases that were diagnosed during May 2011- May 2014 in our hospital was evaluated. From that, cases diagnosed as  Intracranial chondromas  was reevaluated. The incidence of this tumor among the central nervous system tumors was calculated. From this, the rarity  of this tumor in our setup is established. Along with that the differential diagnosis and treatment  options were also studied.Results: Of all the two hundred eighty  Central nervous system tumors reported during our study period, only two cases of intracranial chondroma was reported in our hospital. The incidence of Central nervous tumor  in our hospital was 2.4% per year. The calculated incidence of Intra cranial Chondroma was 0.2% during our study period. This correlated with the  study of  Chorobski  et al. The mean age was calculated as 41 years. There was  an equal gender distribution and site from which the tumor arose was also analyzed.Conclusion: In this cross sectional study, the diagnostic approach and the methods to rule out each differentials are analyzed. The incidence of intracranial chondromas among the central nervous system tumor was calculated and the rarity established.Equal gender distribution, mean age of occurrence of this tumor and the site predilection correlated with other studies.

Author Biographies

Puvitha Rajeswari Duraisami, Coimbatore Medical College
Assistant Professor
Shifa Ibrahim, Assistant Professor,Department of Pathology,Madurai Medical College,Madurai
Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology
Rajeswari Thivya Dhanabalan, Sree Sathya Sai Medical college and research Institute.
Assistant Professor


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