Knowledge and attitude of medical practitioners towards periodontal diseases in New Delhi: A questionnaire based study.

  • Madhuri Alankar Sawai Jamia Millia Islamia University
  • Ashu Bhardwaj
  • Anika Daing
  • Zeba Jafri
  • Nishat Sultan
Keywords: Awareness, Medical Practitioners, Periodontal Diseases, Systemic Diseases,


Background: Periodontal diseases have been linked with many systemic conditions / diseases. Due to limited access to dental care, patients turn to primary health care providers for their oral health needs. This would result in medical practitioners encountering patients with dental problems. The physicians training program has limited curriculum about oral diseases. Also, their knowledge is not so comprehensive about the systemic condition and periodontal disease correlation. Hence, the present study was conducted to assess the awareness and knowledge about the correlation between periodontal and systemic diseases amongst medical practitioners.Methods:  A cross-sectional questionnaire based survey was carried out in New Delhi (India). A total of 300 registered medical practitioners were included in the study. Each participant was given a self – administered multiple-choice questionnaire. The responses were collected and analyzed.Results: A total of 168 (54%) medical practitioners had correct knowledge about the etiology of periodontal diseases. 71% had the knowledge about the two – way relationship between periodontal diseases and systemic conditions. About 215 (72%), 107(36%), 107(36%) and 116 (39%) medical practitioners were aware that periodontal disease was a risk factor for coronary heart disease, preterm labour, cerebral infarction and infective endocarditis, respectively. Out of 300 medical practitioners, 188 (62.6 %) had an overall good knowledge about different periodontal diseases and their treatment modalities.Conclusion: The level of awareness about periodontal diseases and their correlation with systemic diseases was fairly good in the medical practitioners. However, some important diseases were overlooked which requires certain updation in their knowledge.


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