Histomorphological spectrum of skin adnexal tumours : a retrospective study in a tertiary care centre

  • G Jeyanthi
  • N. Sharmila Thilagavathy
  • S. Shifa
  • K Kamaleshwari
Keywords: Genetic inherited syndrome, Hair follicle, Eccrine, Apocrine differentiation.


Background: Skin  Adnexal  Tumours (SATs ) are  large  and  divergent  group  of  tumours which  are classified  based  on  their  appendageal  differentiation  into  eccrine,follicular,sebaceous   and  apocrine.They  pose daunting  diagnostic  challenges  to  both  clinicians  and  pathologists alike.This  study  aims  to  evaluate  the  histopathological  charecterestics  of skin  adnexal  neoplasms  and  correlate  with  their  clinical  profile.Methods : This  is  a  retrospective  study  of  skin  adnexal  tumours (28 cases) diagnosed  on  histopathological  examination  over  a  period  of  two  years .(  January 2014  to  December 2015 ).Results: Skin adnexal tumours  are  uncommon  lesions  with  an  incidence of 0.27%.These  tumours  were  common  in  the  51 to 60 age  group  and  showed  a  female  preponderance. Head  and  neck  region  particularly  the  scalp  was  commonly  involved. Benign  tumours  were  more  common (78.6% ) than  the  malignant  ones (21.4%). .Sweat  gland  tumours  constituted  the  largest  group (61%) followed  by hair  follicle tumours (21%)and sebaceous  tumours (14%).Apocrine  gland tumours  were  less  common. Nodular  hidradenoma  was  the  most  common  benign  tumour  and  sebaceous  carcinoma  was  the  most  common  malignant  tumour encountered  in  the  present  study.Conclusion :SATs  are  relatively  uncommon  lesions  and  have  distinct  histopathological  features. Clinical  diagnosis  is  difficult  as  most  of  these  lesions  are  nondescript and  histopathological  examination  is  essential  for  its  diagnosis.

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