Determination of Decayed, Missing and Filled Teeth (DMFT) index in the 12 years old children of Hadishahr province from Iran

  • Farrokh Farhadi
  • Hossein Falsafi Miab
  • Ali Zarandi


 Background: decayed, missing and filled teeth (DMFT) index is introduced for determination of oral health and dental caries by World Health Organization (WHO). The purpose of this study was to determine the DMFT index among 12 years old school children in Hadishahr province of Iran. Methods: This research was performed as descriptive and cross-sectional study in 2013-2014 on 266 students. The DMFT index was found by standard method suggested by WHO. The data were analyzed using SPSS software (version 18.0) and showed as mean ± standard deviation (SD).Results: The mean± SD of DMFT value for students was 1.23 ± 0.09.  13.2% of children did not brush 53.8 % brush once and 33.1% brushed twice a day.  Analysis showed that there was a significant correlation between DMFT index and brushing times. Also, there was not a significant association between DMFT index and educational level of parents.Conclusion: The mean DMFT values in 12 years old students were in low level of the global standards proposed by WHO.  
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