Vol 4, No 4 (2017)

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Review Articles

Efficacy of cyanoacrylate and black braided silk for the closure of incision after surgical removal of impacted third molars: A Systematic Review PDF
Divya James, Uma Maheswari G

Original Article

Assessment Of Peripheral Blood Smear Preparation Technique In Laboratories With High Sample Load PDF
Sumanashree Mallappa, Sachin Kolte, Nimisha Sharma, Indrani Dhawan A150-156
Syphilis in Blood Donors in Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital PDF
Ravi Jain, Ashok Yadav A157-162
Hematological profile of pregnant and non-pregnant females: A comparative study in a tertiary care hospital in Haryana, India PDF
Sujata Raychaudhuri, Shveta Lukhmana, Deepsikha Rana, Mukta Pujani, Nimisha Sharma, Rashmi Ahuja
Laboratory parameters in clinically suspected dengue cases in tertiary care teaching hospital in North Maharashtra PDF
Madhuri Magan Suryawanshi, Shubhangi Chandrashekhar Dange, M N Dravid, Sunil P Lilani, Pooja Shah
An integrated approach to detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis using BD MGIT 320 system and other diagnostic modalities. PDF
Gargi Choudhury, Partha Pratim Das, Lahari Saikia

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