Transanastomotic feeding jejunostomy with nasogastric aspiration in case of jejuno-ileal atresia for early feeding and better out come: Five year experience

  • Punit Kumar Srivastava S N medical college, Agra
  • Richa Jaiman
Keywords: transanostomotic feeding jejunostomy, , jejuno-ileal atresia


Aim: To evaluate the role of Transanastomotic feeding jejunostomy with nasogastric aspiration in case of-jejuno-ileal atresiaMethods: Transanastomotic feeding jejunostomy with end-to-end  anastomosis was done in 25 neonates of jejuno-ileal atresia and the results were compared with traditional method of end to end anastomosis in 25 cases of atresia without transanostomotic feeding jejunostomy.Results: We found less mortality and morbidity (1%) in anastomosis with transanostomotic feeding jejunostomy technique as compared to anastomosis without feeding jejunostomy (20%).Conclusions: We recommend this technique, as anastomosis is safe with early feeding with good outcome  

Author Biography

Punit Kumar Srivastava, S N medical college, Agra
Associate professor


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