A Comparison of Various Current Electronic Apex Locators to Determine the Working Length by Using the Clearing Technique

  • Muppala Nikhitha Chowdary Post graduate 3rd year
  • S Anitha Rao Conservative Dentistry And Endodontics, Mamata Dental College, Khammam -India
Keywords: Clearing technique, Image analysis, Electronic Apex Locator, Working length, Major foramen


Background: To evaluate the accuracy of Dentaport ZX, Woodpex Electronic Apex Locators in establishing the major foramen using clearing technique Methods: Thirty Maxillary and Mandibular human extracted teeth with a single root straight canal were used and decoronation were done up to CEJ with a diamond disc, 15 samples of teeth from each group were embedded in a dentulous model and alginate was placed in it to stimulate periodontium . Working length estimation was  done by “Woodpex, Dentaport ZX Electronic Apex Locators” – models placed in 5% Nitric acid for 24,48 and 72 hours, then transferred to ethanol solution of concentration(80,90,100%) and stored in 0.2% Methyl salicylate. Distance between tip of file and major foramen was measured by using image analysis and values were listed to statistical analysis. Statistical analysis was carried out by using tests of chi square test, kruskal wallis test, Z test to compare results between two groups. All the data was expressed as Mean ± SD and the difference of p≤ 0.05. Values obtained were analyzed by using image analysis software program Result: Accuracy were 100% for the Denta port ZX compared to Wood pex  in detecting major foramen Conclusion: Accuracy of Dentaport ZX was higher compared to wood pex. Dentaport ZX located the major foramen with 100% accuracy within the range of 0.5mm.There is greater distance from the major foramen in woodpex group when compared to dentaport ZX.


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