Root-End Closure of Pulpally Involved Anterior Teeth Using Metapex: A Case Series

  • Nidhi Bhatia
  • Purshottam Jasuja
  • Charu Nijhawan
  • Heena Khurana
  • Anshu Sharma
  • Harveen S. Kalra Genesis Institute of Dental Sciences & Research, Ferozepur
Keywords: Apexification, Metapex, open apices


Management of pulpally involved teeth with immature apices is a difficult task for the clinicians. Despite major advances in biomaterials and technologies, successful closure of root apex depends upon the accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Apexification is defined as “a method to induce a calcific barrier in a root having an open apex or the continued root development of an incomplete root in teeth with necrotic pulp”. The present paper represents a case series of management of pulpally involved teeth with immature apices using Metapex (MetaBiomed Co., Ltd, Korea) as an apexification agent. In all the above cases successful closure of immature apices occurred though closure timings were different for all the cases.


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