The conventional prowess termed hemisection: 2 case reports

  • Sumit Munjal Department of Prosthodontics and crown & bridge, Dr. BR Ambedkar Institute of Dental sciences & Hospital, Hariom nagar, Bihar, India
  • Seema Munjal Department of Periodontics, Career Post Graduate Institute of dental sciences & Hospital , Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
Keywords: Hemisection, Resection, Furcation involvement, Endodontic mishap


Hemisection is a logical surgical option for treatment of a seemingly hopeless mandibular molar. Being a suitable alternative to extraction and implant therapy, it should be informed to each patient whenever indicated. The conservative demands have increased in dental practice and so have the pathological resorptions, root fractures and procedural accidents in endodontics. One case presented here was treated for furcation pathology and the other is reported with endodontic over instrumentation. A Perio- Prosthodontic management is demonstrated in both situations with an acceptable prognosis. For the reason that periodontal problems around resected molars have a tendency to recur, a sound diagnosis combined with a prudent case selection is a must. DOI:10.21276/AOHDR.1885 


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