Correlation Of Various Cytological Grading Systems With Histopathological Grading In Breast Carcinoma

  • Vijayalaxmi S Patil Department of Pathology, BLDE University’s Shri B.M.Patil Medical College, Vijayapura-586103 Karnataka State, India.
  • Surekha B Hippargi Department of Pathology, BLDE University’s Shri B.M.Patil Medical College, Vijayapura-586103 Karnataka State, India.
  • Raga Sruthi Dwarampudi Department of Pathology, BLDE University’s Shri B.M.Patil Medical College, Vijayapura-586103 Karnataka State, India.
  • Lynda Rodrigues Department of Pathology, BLDE University’s Shri B.M.Patil Medical College, Vijayapur-586103 Karnataka State, India.
Keywords: Carcinoma breast, Cytological grading, Scarff Bloom Richardson grading


Background: The nuclear grading of breast carcinoma is well established on histopathology, but not in cytology. There is no single standardised grading system yet in cytology for predicting breast carcinoma prognosis in spite of various cytological grading systems.Aim: The study was performed with an aim of evaluating various cytological grading systems on needle aspirates of breast carcinoma and to determine the best possible cytological grading system that correlates with the Nottingham modification of Scarf Bloom Richardson(SBR) histological grading.Materials & Methods: The study consisted of 30 cases of infiltrating ductal carcinoma diagnosed on cytology for which the corresponding histopathology was available. These cases were graded cytologically by eight grading systems and histologically by SBR method. The various cytological grading systems were evaluated for concordance, association, and correlation with the histopathological grading to select best possible cytological grading system. The various grading systems were also evaluated for interobserver reproducibilityResults:  A positive correlation was noted between the various grading systems on cytology with SBR method on histopathology. A strong correlation (r =0.925), maximum percent agreement (93.3%), and a substantial kappa value of agreement (k = 0.885) was noted for Robinson’s grading with the Nottingham modification of SBR grading system. It also showed better interobserver agreement (93.3%; k = 0.889).Conclusion: The various cytological grading systems evaluated in this study showed a positive correlation with SBR method. Among them, Robinson’s grading showed best concordance, correlation with histological grade and hence, may be included in the routine cytology reports.DOI:10.21276/APALM.1837


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