A Study on Diagnostic Accuracy of Cervical Pap Smear by Correlating with Histopathology in a Tertiary Care Centre

  • Rachana L Y
  • S.S Hiremath
  • Prabhu M H
  • S.S Inamdar
  • Venkata Kalyan Nunna
Keywords: Cervical Pap, Smear, Sensitivity, Specificity, Diagnostic Accuracy


Objective: Analysis of  various lesions detected on Cervical Pap smears and correlate it with histopathology to detect the diagnostic accuracy of Pap smears in detection of cervical lesions. Methodology: The present study is a prospective study conducted from December 2015 to May 2017 for a period of 18 months which included 83 cases. All these patients underwent screening procedure with cervical smears and were directed for colposcopic guided biopsy. Results: In the present study Pap smears showed sensitivity of 96.42%, specificity of 70.37%and diagnostic accuracy of 87.95 %. Conclusion: Pap smear being minimally invasive showed significant correlation with Colposcopic directed biopsy. Pap smear still remains ideal screening procedure for early detection of cervical lesions.


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