Extra medullary myeloid cell tumor: A Case Report

  • Sreenivas Vemula professor' department of pathology, CAIMS
  • Sumalatha Kasturi assistant professor, department of pathology, Chalmeda Anand rao Institute of Medical Sciences.
  • Rahul Narayana Maddi
  • Vijay Mohan Margam
  • Santhosh Babu Rendla
Keywords: Extra medullary, Myeloid cell tumor, Acute myeloid leukemia, Parotid swelling


Extra medullary myeloid cell tumors or granulocytic sarcomas or chloromas represents a localised tumor of myeloblasts or monoblasts infiltrating extramedullary sites. The term is used for any solid collection of leukemic cells in the extra haematopoietic sites. There have been reports of these tumors occurring concomitantly with, after, or rarely prior to the onset of leukemia. We present a case of a child presented with swelling in the right parotid region, which was diagnosed as chloroma on fine needle aspiration cytology. Further confirmation was done on peripheral blood and bone marrow evaluation.

Author Biographies

Sreenivas Vemula, professor' department of pathology, CAIMS
professor'department of pathology,CAIMS
Sumalatha Kasturi, assistant professor, department of pathology, Chalmeda Anand rao Institute of Medical Sciences.


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Case Report