Schwannoma of The Nasal Septum with Degenerative Changes

A Case Report

  • N Sadiya Apollo Speciality Hospital, Vanagaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Schwannoma, benign, neural tumor, nasal septum, degenerative changes


Tumors of the sinonasal tract are usually of epithelial in origin such as papilloma, salivary gland tumors or carcinoma. Soft tissue tumors of the sinonasal tract are rare and are predominantly vascular and fibrohistiocytic in origin. Neural tumors are unusual in this location. Schwannomas of the sinonasal tract are rare, benign, slow growing peripheral nerve sheath tumors representing less than 4% of the schwannomas of the head and neck region without age, race or gender predilection. We present a case of a 50 year old female patient with history of unilateral nasal obstruction and with a polypoidal mass of the right nasal septum, in whom a diagnosis of Schwannoma was rendered.

Author Biography

N Sadiya, Apollo Speciality Hospital, Vanagaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Consultant, Department of Histopathology


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Case Report