Primary Hepatic Osteosarcoma

A Rare Case Report

  • Amutha Janaki Medall Diagnostics, Chennai, India
  • Kavitha A Medall Diagnostics, Chennai, India
  • Sindhura P Medall Diagnostics, Chennai, India
Keywords: Osteosarcoma, Hepatic neoplasm


Primary Hepatic Osteosarcoma is a very rare tumor with very few literatures available till date. We report a case of 61 year old male presented with abdominal pain and distention. MRI/CT showed a large heterogenous lesion in the liver, which turned out to be primary hepatic osteosarcoma,  and confirmed using Immunohistochemistry,  after ruling out metastatic deposits

Author Biography

Amutha Janaki, Medall Diagnostics, Chennai, India


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Case Report