Aleukemic myeloid sarcoma of small intestine: masquerading as subacute intestinal obstruction: Review of literature

  • Vidushi Joshi Military Hospital Devlali Maharastra, India
  • Gaurav PS Gahlot Army Hospital (R & R) Delhi, India
  • Ankur Ahuja Army Hospital (R & R) Delhi, India
  • Tathagata Chatterjee Army Hospital (R & R) Delhi, India
  • Sunita BS Armed Forces Medical College Pune, India
Keywords: Myeloid sarcoma, Small intestine, Obstruction, Aleukemic, Myeloperoxidase, CD34


Background: Myeloid sarcoma (MS) is an extramedullary disease of immature myeloid cells with incidence of 1-2% among all acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cases. Less than twenty cases of aleukemic MS with initial presentation as intestinal mass have been described in the English literature. Case report: Here we report a case of 45 year old female with normal haematology workup who presented with acute abdominal pain and distension. On evaluation, she was found to have ileocolic intussusception of gangrenous bowel, so managed by limited right hemicolectomy and initially reported as Non Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL).During follow-up she was found to have a globular mass in right lumbar region that was diagnosed as myeloid sarcoma. On further followup, her TLC count was gradually increasing.  Conclusion: The index case highlights the unusual presentation of isolated intraabdominal MS which was clinical diagnosed as subacute intestinal obstruction in a young female with normal hematological profile.

Author Biographies

Vidushi Joshi, Military Hospital Devlali Maharastra, India
Dept of Pathology
Gaurav PS Gahlot, Army Hospital (R & R) Delhi, India
Dept of Lab Sciences & Mol Med
Ankur Ahuja, Army Hospital (R & R) Delhi, India
Dept of Lab Sciences & Mol Med
Tathagata Chatterjee, Army Hospital (R & R) Delhi, India
Dept of Lab Sciences & Mol Med
Sunita BS, Armed Forces Medical College Pune, India
Dept of Pathology


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Case Report

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