Exit-Site Infection Caused by Lysinibacillus Sphaericus: Unusual Organism From A Usual Site

  • Sunayana Mukesh Jangla Microbiology section, Department of pathology, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Hospital (BARCH), Trombay, Mumbai 400-094, Maharashtra, India
Keywords: Catheter, Exit-Site Infection, Haemodialysis, Immunocompromised, Lysinibacillus


Exit-site infection is an unwanted complication in patients with an indwelling catheter. However, such an infection by an uncommon organism like Lysinibacillus which is otherwise considered an environmental contaminant needs to be mentioned. Our report describes one such case. The patient was given antibiotic as per antibiotic susceptibility report to which he responded.


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Case Report