Cutaneous metastasis of carcinoma lung: a rare cytological association

  • Kafil Akhtar
  • Maryam Shadan
  • Rana Sherwani
  • Shahid Siddiqui
Keywords: Lung Carcinoma, Skin metastasis, Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology,


Skin metastasis is an uncommon presentation of cancer. Cutaneous metastases as initial manifestation of internal neoplasms, represent only 0.8% of total cases and implies, in general, a very advanced grade of the disease and short survival. Metastasis to the skin from lung cancer is less common than metastasis to other organs. The incidence of skin metastasis was 2.8% among all 579 cases of lung cancer. Large cell carcinoma showed the greatest tendency to spread to the skin and epidermoid carcinoma showed the least tendency. Back of the trunk was the most common site for metastatic cutaneous lesions. Almost all lesions ranged from 1 to 5 cm in diameter. Clinical manifestation of skin metastasis was nodular type in all the cases and was accompanied by metastasis to other organs at the time of clinical presentation. A slight response to combination chemotherapy was noted in only 5 cases of lung cancers, with most lesions being progressive. Median survival after skin involvement was approximately 4 months. The lung cancer metastasizes to the skin in 2.8–24% of the cases, generally in advanced stages of the disease, although in 7–19%, skin metastases appear as the first manifestation of the malignant disease. We hereby present a rare case of a male diagnosed with a lung cancer, whose first manifestation was the appearance of skin metastases.


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