Interdigitating Dendritic cell sarcoma arising in the cervical node

  • Shifa Ibrahim Assistant Professor,Department of Pathology,Madurai Medical College,Madurai
  • Sharmila Thilagavathy Madurai Medical College
  • Meena Kumari Madurai Medical College
Keywords: Immunohistochemistry, Peripheral node, S100


Inter-digitating dendritic cell (IDC) sarcoma is a rare tumor presenting as an asymptomatic slow growing lesion. The median age of occurrence is around 52 years and has a male preponderance. Peripheral lymphadenopathy is the commonest presenting symptom. The clinical course of patients with IDC sarcoma varies from indolent to more aggressive with widespread metastases and death within a year. There is no standardized therapeutic approach for patients with IDC sarcoma. We are presenting a case of IDC sarcoma in a 40 year old male with cervical node and liver involvement. Histologically, there was complete effacement of nodal architecture with tumor cells arranged in sheets composed of spindle cells and epithelioid cells having convoluted nuclei. Immuno- reactivity for S100 and vimentin were observed. Other stains such as CD3 and CD45 were negative. Histology, Immuno histochemistry and differential diagnosis are discussed in our presentation which would help in arriving at the diagnosis of this rare tumor.

Author Biographies

Shifa Ibrahim, Assistant Professor,Department of Pathology,Madurai Medical College,Madurai
Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology
Sharmila Thilagavathy, Madurai Medical College
Professor,Department of Pathology
Meena Kumari, Madurai Medical College
Professor, Department of Pathology


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