Study of Her2/neu expression in 100 cases of uterine and cervical carcinoma as a prognostic marker

  • Mandakini M Patel Govt. Medical College,Surat Veer Narmad South Gujarat University state-gujarat,India
  • Rhuta J Shah Govt. Medical College,SuratVeer Narmad South Gujarat Universitystate-gujarat,India
  • Gurvinder Singh Saini Govt. Medical College,Surat Veer Narmad South Gujarat University state-gujarat,India
Keywords: Her2/neu, uterine carcinoma, cervical carcinoma


Background: HER-2/neu, is a gene localized on chromosome 17q21 that encodes a growth factor receptor like molecule with tyrosine- kinase activity. Its expression has been detected in several human cancers and is believed potential. Aim of our study was to evaluate the expression of Her-2/neu oncogene in uterine & cervical carcinomas and determine its correlation with histological type of malignancy, grade and clinical stage of presentation.Methods:Total 100 cases were studied, out of which there was 22 cases of uterine tumour and 78 cases of cervical tumours. The specimens were processed routinely ,stained with standard H&E method and relevant panel of immunohistochemical antibodies were applied (PAP -peroxidase anti- peroxidase method )after thorough histopathological analysis.Result: Her-2/neu was expressed by 3 (13.6%) out of 22 cases of uterine adenocarcinomas while in cases of cervical carcinomas 9 (11.53%)1 out of 78 cases express Her-2neu . In cervical carcinoma, 50% cases of squamous cell carcinomas, 20% poorly differentiated carcinomas, 18.1% well differentiated carcinomas and 3.4% of moderately differentiated carcinomas express Her-2/neu positivity.Conclusion: We have found that Her-2/neu can be used as a prognostic marker in uterine carcinoma and its expression increases with increase in stage and grade of  endometrial adenocarcinoma. Her2/ neu  has little utility in cervical carcinomas and is not correlated with its grading and staging.  

Author Biography

Mandakini M Patel, Govt. Medical College,Surat Veer Narmad South Gujarat University state-gujarat,India


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