Assessment of iron status in cases of anemia: A comparative analysis by Gale’s and Intensive method.

  • Sanjay Kaushik Dept. of Pathology, SGRRIM&HS, Dehradun(India)
  • Neelima Bahal Dept. of Pathology, SGRRIM&HS, Dehradun(India)
  • Sanjeev Kishore Dept. of Pathology, SGRRIM&HS, Dehradun(India)
  • Seema Acharya Dept. of Pathology, SGRRIM&HS, Dehradun(India)
  • Ishita Goel Dept. of Pathology, SGRRIM&HS, Dehradun(India)
  • Rajnish Kumar Dept. of Pathology, SGRRIM&HS, Dehradun(India)
Keywords: Anemia, Bone marrow iron, Gale’s method, intensive method


Background: Nutritional anemia particularly iron deficiency anemia comprise a major public health problem in India. Precise diagnosis is necessary for the correct treatment as the multiple coexisting morbid chronic inflammatory conditions seen in these cases gives erroneous biochemical results. Microscopic assessment of bone marrow iron is considered to be the the gold standard. However, the conventional Gale’s method cannot differentiate between the iron deficient cases and functional iron deficiency. This is made possible by the newer intensive method of iron assessment in the present study.Aim: To compare the assessment of iron status by Gale’s and Intensive method on bone marrow aspirate smears in cases of anemia.Materials and Methods: A prospective study of 117 cases of all age groups and both sexes, having haemoglobin < 10mg/dl were included in the study. Bone marrow aspiration was done and iron assessment was done by both the Gale’s and Intensive method. Serum ferritin was also done in 23 out of 117 cases to serve as a control. However, it was not a part of the study.Results: Gale’s method revealed hypoferrimic state in 29.1% cases and normal iron stores in 70.9% cases. Iron deficient status was further reduced to 6.83% cases by the intensive method of iron assessment. Maximum number of cases had functional iron deficiency by the intensive method.DOI:10.21276/APALM.1545

Author Biographies

Sanjay Kaushik, Dept. of Pathology, SGRRIM&HS, Dehradun(India)
Associate Professor, Department of Pathology
Neelima Bahal, Dept. of Pathology, SGRRIM&HS, Dehradun(India)
Assistant ProfessorDept of Pathology
Sanjeev Kishore, Dept. of Pathology, SGRRIM&HS, Dehradun(India)
Seema Acharya, Dept. of Pathology, SGRRIM&HS, Dehradun(India)
Ishita Goel, Dept. of Pathology, SGRRIM&HS, Dehradun(India)
Resident, Dept of Pathology
Rajnish Kumar, Dept. of Pathology, SGRRIM&HS, Dehradun(India)
Professor & Headdept. of pathology


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