Gigantic lipoleiomyoma of cervix with extensive hyaline degeneration: A case report with review of literature

  • Rupali Mandal
  • Krishnendu Mondal
  • Pulakesh Pramanik
Keywords: Cervix, Lipoleiomyoma, Postmenopausal female, Smooth muscle, Adipocytes.


Uterine lipoleiomyomas are rare benign neoplasms of mature smooth muscle and adipose tissue. Although mostly located intramurally within uterine corpus; cervix is rather an unusual site of its origin. Premenopausal or postmenopausal obese ladies commonly suffer with this tumour. Lipoleiomyomas generally grow asymptomatically, but larger tumours often elicit symptoms due to pressure effects exerted on adjacent organs. We highlight a giant cervical subserosal lipoleiomyoma in a 48-years-aged menopausal female. She presented with ill-defined lower abdominal pain. Radiologically a circumscribed genital mass was detected, which was removed with total abdominal hysterectomy plus bilateral adnexectomy.

Author Biography

Krishnendu Mondal


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