A Case of Primary Intestinal Lymphangiectasia

  • Rajshri P Damle Assistant professor Department of Pathology ACPM Medical college Dhule 424001
  • Kishor H Suryawanshi
  • N V Dravid
  • D V Newadkar
Keywords: Intestinal lymphangiectasia, Diarrhea, Edema


Primary intestinal lymphangiectasia (PIL) is an uncommon disorder and important cause of protein losing enteropathy due to congenital malformation or obstruction of intestinal lymphatic drainage. No accurate serological or radiological tests available for the diagnosis of intestinal lymphangiectasia. Endoscopy and biopsy are currently the only diagnostic modality with certainty. Hence histopathological examination is the gold standard for the diagnosis of intestinal lymphangiectasia which shows dilated intestinal lymphatics with broadened villi of the small bowel. Herein we report a case of intestinal lymphangiectasia in a 4-year-male child presented with chronic diarrhea and edema. Patient was treated by resection of small intestine and postoperatively patient showed improvement with small bowel movements and disappearance of edema.


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