Granular Cell Tumour of the Deltoid Muscle: A Rare Entity in the Musculoskeletal System

  • Chetan Sudhakar Chaudhari Assistant Professor,Dept of Pathology LTMMC & LTMGH,Sion,Mumbai
  • Manisha Khare Professor,Dept of Pathology LTMMC & LTMGH,Sion,Mumbai
  • Shailesh Vartak Associate Professor,Dept of Pathology LTMMC & LTMGH,Sion,Mumbai
  • Urmi Chakravarty-Vartak Associate Professor,Dept of Pathology LTMMC & LTMGH,Sion,Mumbai
  • Prashant Kumavat Assistant Professor,Dept of Pathology LTMMC & LTMGH,Sion,Mumbai
Keywords: Deltoid muscle, Granular cell tumour, Musculoskeletal system


Granular Cell Tumours are a rare mesenchymal soft tissue tumours that arise throughout the body and are believed to be of neural origin.They are so named because composition of characteristic nesting pattern of polyhedral cells with abundant granular eosinophilic cytoplasm.They often present as asymptomatic, slow-growing, benign, solitary lesions but may be multifocal. 1-2% of cases are malignant and can metastasise. Granular cell tumour commonly occurs in head and neck, with a particular predisposition for the tongue. The authors describe an unusual location of this tumour within the deltoid muscle of the arm. A 55 Year old female presented with mass and tenderness at the distal end of deltoid site since 2 years. MRI showed a mass within deltoid muscle, 5x3x2 cm. Intraoperative frozen and later surgically resceted specimen showed histopathological features of benign granular cell tumour,at unusal site and a rare entity in the musculoskeletal system, witin deltoid muscle.


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