Primary schwannoma of thyroid gland in an adolescent male: a rare case-report with review of literature

  • Pallavi Agrawal M.D., DNB, PDCC (Neuropathology) Consultant Pathologist Department of Pathology, Mahavir Cancer Institute & Research Centre, Patna – 801505 (Bihar), India
  • Neha Garg DNB Resident, Department of Pathology, Mahavir Cancer Institute & Research Centre, Patna – 801505 (Bihar), India
  • Preeti Jain Head of Department of Surgery, Mahavir Cancer Institute & Research Centre, Patna – 801505 (Bihar), India
Keywords: Isthmus, Schwannoma, Thyroid gland


Primary neural tumors of thyroid are very rare and are mainly represented by schwannomas and malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors. This report presents a rare case of schwannoma involving the isthmus of thyroid in an 11-year adolescent male. The patient presented with soft neck mass which moved with deglutition. The histological examination indicated Antoni A type schwannoma. The clinical, radiological and pathological findings of the tumor are discussed emphasizing the difficulty in reaching a correct diagnosis and planning out exact surgical treatment of the patient. Only 20 cases of primary schwannoma of thyroid gland have so far been described in literature and this is the first case report describing this entity in an adolescent age group.


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