Incidental microfilariae detection in abdominal neoplasm on cytology: A rare case report with review of literature

  • Pallavi Agrawal M.D., DNB, PDCC (Neuropathology) Consultant Pathologist Department of Pathology, Mahavir Cancer Institute & Research Centre Patna – 801505 (Bihar), India
  • Sanjay Kumar Senior Resident Department of Pathology, Mahavir Cancer Institute & Research Centre Patna – 801505 (Bihar), India
  • Neha Garg DNB Resident, Department of Pathology, Mahavir Cancer Institute & Research Centre
  • Kumar Rahul Department of Radiology Mahavir Cancer Institute & Research Centre
Keywords: Filariasis, cytology, adenocarcinoma, microfilaria


Lymphatic filariasis is a major health problem in Indian sub-continent. Their presence at extra-nodal sites is very rare since they are found predominantly in the lymphatic channels and nodes. Very few numbers of cases have been reported till date showing the presence of microfilariae concomitant with abdominal neoplasm. It has been postulated that neo-angiogenesis in the malignancies as well as obstruction caused by microfilariae leads to the rupture of these fragile vessels causing extravasation of microfilariae. So in suspected cases cytology can prove to be an effective tool for early diagnosis and management.


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