Study of fine needle aspiration cytology of breast tuberculosis

  • Pragnesh J Patel GMERS Medical College, Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Keywords: Breast, Cytology, Granuloma, Mastitis, Necrosis, Tuberculosis


Background: Characteristic feature of tuberculous mastitis like pus discharging sinus appear late in the disease. It commonly misinterpreted for malignancy and pyogenic abscess. Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) is rapid and less invasive tool to diagnose tuberculous mastitis in initial phase of disease.Methods: Tuberculous mastitis reported on FNAC of breast during the study period of two years were analyzed. Data were collected for physical examination and microscopic presence of granuloma, necrosis, inflammatory cells and giant cells.Result: During the study period of two years, seven cases were reported as tuberculous mastitis. No case of axillary lymph node or opposite breast involvement detected. Pus discharging sinus was present in one case. On cytology, presence of granuloma, caseous type of necrosis and Langhans giant cells were reported in 100%, 71% and 43% respectively.Conclusion: FNAC of breast is a useful tool to diagnose tuberculous mastitis and differentiate same from malignancy and pyogenic abscess. Cytological diagnosis help to identify tuberculous mastitis early in the course of disease and start of anti tuberculosis therapy eliminate need for radical surgical intervention.


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