Phyllodes tumour of Breast: Ki 67 expression in various histological subtypes

  • Deepak Kumar B
  • Padma Priya K
  • Sandhyalakshmi B N
  • Srinivasamurthy .
Keywords: phylloides, boderline, malignant, Ki 67, histopathology


Background: Phyllodes tumours [PT] are uncommon fibroepithelial tumours with marked stromal proliferation over epithelial component with majority being benign.Along with grade, additional study of proliferative markers such as p 53,Ki 67  are essential to identify those with potential for aggressive behaviour.In this background study was undertaken to asses the histopathological characters and correlate  Ki 67 expression in different subtypes of PT. Methods: A total of 21 cases were studied.Clinical details, gross features and primary histologic features were taken into consideration. Immunostaining for Ki 67 were performed. Ki 67 immunoexpression was categorised as 0-10, 11-30, 31 and above depending on the percentage of positive tumor cells in each case. Ki 67 immunoexpression was correlated with histologic grade and clinical features. Result: 14 cases (66.7%) of Benign,  03 cases (14.3 %) of borderline, and  04 cases (19 % ) cases of malignant phylloides tumor were seen. Average Ki 67 expression in BPT and BlPT was 4.5 % (range 1-8%) and 14 % (range 13-15 % ) respectively. MPT exhibited Ki range of 41-80 % with average LI of 56 %. A significant association was seen between expression of  Ki 67 in different grades of phyllodes tumour.  Conclusion: Inclusion of Ki 67 in routine histopathology reporting of phylloides is mandatory as Ki LI proves to be of paramount importance in sub categorisation of phylloides.

Author Biography

Associate professor,Department of pathology


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