An Unusual case of frontoparietal swelling in elder female: Diagnosed on fine needle aspiration cytology

  • Uma Kumar
Keywords: Renal cell carcinoma, skull metastasis, Cytology,


A solitary skull metastasis of renal cell carcinoma as an  initial presentation  is  a  very  rare event. The  most  common  sites for  metastasis  are  lung,   bone, liver   and  adrenal glands.  Fine  needle aspiration  is a simple non-invasive   diagnostic  tool  for  diagnosing  skull  lesions. Here  we  are  reporting  a   case  of  64  years  old   female  presenting  with  skull  swelling. Fine  needle  aspiration  was  done  from  the  lesion  and   reported  as  metastasis  of  renal  cell carcinoma  on  cytology . In  this  case  report  we  are  highlighting   the   importance  of cytology  in  diagnosing  metastasis  from  unknown  primary  tumor. 


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