Congenital Granular Cell Tumor in an Infant: a case report

  • Mudit Agarwal Director Lab Services, Nishtha Pathology Lab, New Delhi
Keywords: Congenital Granular Cell Tumor, Granular Cell Fibroblastoma, Gingival Of The Anterior Alveolar Ridge, Polypoidal, Histopathology,


Congenital granular cell tumor (CGCT) is a rare, benign soft tissue tumor seen in newborns.The tumor is quite uncommon, with an incidence of only 0.0006% and less than 250 cases have been reported in the literature so far. The lesion has a marked female preponderance, with the female:male ratio being 8-10:1. It usually occurs on the gingival of the anterior alveolar ridge, more frequently in the maxillary alveolus than in the mandibular alveolus.In this case report, we present a congenital granular cell tumor, sent by a paediatric surgeon as histopathological tissue from the oral cavity of 1 day old male baby, delivered with a solitary polypoidal nodule projecting from the mouth and presenting as difficulty in breast feeding. The mass was sent in toto and was diagnosed on histopathological examination. 


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