Evaluation of the environmental situation at public areas of Tirana by using stray dogs as biomonitor

  • Violeta Zanaj Universiteti “Aleksandër Moisiu”, Durrës, Albania
  • Dhimitër Rrapti Universiteti Bujqësor i Tiranës, Albania
Keywords: biological pollution, contamination, parasitic fauna, prevalence, stray dogs,


Fecalization of green space of towns in Albania is the extreme displaying of the dog’s pollution, who with faeces in these environments eliminate the causes of parasitic zoonoses they are given the status of contaminated environments. The aim of this study is to evaluate the environmental situation in the public areas of Tirana city by using stray dogs as biomonitor. The prevalene of infestation of stray dogs from intestinal fauna is reflected in the level of contamination of public areas that they frequent. For calculation of the prevalence of the infestation are gathered and analyzed with coproscopi 240 samples of faeces by stray dogs in 3 public areas of Tirana. The average prevalence of stray dog’s infestation from parasitic fauna was 77.5%.So are found: E.granulosus, D.caninum, T. hydatigena, M.lineatus, Ancylostomum spp, Uncinaria spp, T.canis, T.leonina, Trichuris spp, Giardia spp and Coccidia spp. Public areas of the capital city are more polluted by parasitic fauna of dogs because 77.5% of stray dogs that frequent resulted infested by these parasites. The territories that have many trees are more contaminated because the conditions under the shadows of trees are ideal for the longevity of exogenous stages of parasites. Contamination of public places from invasive stages of the dogs intestinal parasites is higher in the spring and autumn (p-value = 0.0001665). 


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