A Placental Conundrum: Exaggerated Placental Site Tumor

  • Sheetal Arora Assistant Professor, Dept. of Pathology, VMMC and Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi
  • Sujata Raychaudhuri
  • Deepshikha Rana
Keywords: Exaggerated placental site, intermediate trophoblast cells, Myometrium


Exaggerated placental site (EPS) is defined as a non-neoplastic condition in which there is proliferation of number of implantation site intermediate trophoblastic cells that infiltrates the endometrium and myometrium. This is a benign lesion and it’s an exaggeration of normal physiological process as the intermediate trophoblastic cells present in EPS are similar morphologically and immunophenotypically to those found in the normal implantation site. An exaggerated placental site may occur in association with normal pregnancy or an abortion. The significance of reporting this lesion lies in the fact that the cells of this lesion display an identical morphological features to the intermediate trophoblastic cells found in placental site trophoblastic tumour, placental site nodule & epithelioid trophoblastic tumour. To confirm the morphological analysis, we used immunohistochemistry panel comprising of Cytokeratin 18, p63 and ki-67(MIB-1). We here present a rare case of an exaggerated placental site in a 30-year-old female who was in her first trimester of pregnancy and presented with signs of incomplete abortion.  DOI: 10.21276/AWCH.1808


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