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Annals of Applied Bio-Sciences (AABS) is an International, double blind peer-reviewed, Indexed, open access, online & print journal with IC value (2015): 71.91

AABS is a Specialty Journal, which publishes original, peer-reviewed articles in the field of applied Bio-Sciences including Medicine and Dentistry, Nursing and Health Profession, Biotechnology, Molecular biology, Cell biology, Genetic engineering, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Science, Toxicology, Immunology, Microbiology, Virology, Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Science, Agricultural, Environmental science, Biological sciences, Ecology and Ecotoxicology, Biophysics, Biomedical sciences, Computational biology, Biological anthropology and Biological education etc.


  • UGC Approved and MCI Compliant Journal
  • Both Online as well as print version.
  • DOI issued to each published article
  • The typical review takes approximately 5-7 working days
  • All papers are published as soon as (within 5-7 working days) they have been accepted, by adding them to the "current issue"
  • User friendly, open access portal with an ease of navigation and easy online submission and tracking of manuscripts.
  • Journal Title DOI:
  • published by 'Pacific group of e-Journals' (PaGe), an ISO 9001:2008 Certified academic publishing house.
  • Primary objective is to stimulate and facilitate research publications


The compeltely avoidable delay in publication of articles in AABS is due to  small errors and omissions on the part of the Authors.

Therefore, the authors are advised to follow the following tips to fast-track the publication of their articles in AABS Journal:

  1. For preparing an article, use only the specific templates, downloaded from following links
  2. Strictly follow the Author Guidelines, especially in relation to Referencing/ Bibliography.
  3. If you have difficulty working in the computer or not good at it particularly Microsoft word document, Tables, References, please seek professional help to prepare your manuscript according to our need.
  4. After submission of the manuscript, regularly check the Inbox/Spam folder for any communication from our side. This will eliminate delays caused due to communication gap
  5. After submission of the manuscript, regularly login to AABS website using your User ID and Password (preferably at least once a day) to check the current status of your manuscript and take any action communicated therein
  6. In case you are asked to revise the manuscript and submit again, resubmit the revised manuscript at the earliest for a quick response. Delay in response leads to delay in publication of the article
  7. After payment of APC, get back to AABS with the payment proof at the earliest to minimize the time of publication of your accepted article.
  8. If for some technical reason online submission is not possible, the author can contact for support.




AABS is now UGC Approved and MCI Compliant Journal


ABBS Journal has been Approved by UGC and the Journal is also MCI Compliant.

AABS Journal is now UGC Approved. It also complies with all the requirement of MCI Norms for a Journal to be considered for appointment and promotion matters.

So, when your article is published in AABS, you get an edge over your peers.

Posted: 2017-10-23
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Vol 4, No 4 (2017)

Table of Contents

Review Articles

Efficacy of cyanoacrylate and black braided silk for the closure of incision after surgical removal of impacted third molars: A Systematic Review PDF
Divya James, Uma Maheswari G

Original Article

Assessment Of Peripheral Blood Smear Preparation Technique In Laboratories With High Sample Load PDF
Sumanashree Mallappa, Sachin Kolte, Nimisha Sharma, Indrani Dhawan A150-156
Syphilis in Blood Donors in Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital PDF
Ravi Jain, Ashok Yadav A157-162
Hematological profile of pregnant and non-pregnant females: A comparative study in a tertiary care hospital in Haryana, India PDF
Sujata Raychaudhuri, Shveta Lukhmana, Deepsikha Rana, Mukta Pujani, Nimisha Sharma, Rashmi Ahuja
Laboratory parameters in clinically suspected dengue cases in tertiary care teaching hospital in North Maharashtra PDF
Madhuri Magan Suryawanshi, Shubhangi Chandrashekhar Dange, M N Dravid, Sunil P Lilani, Pooja Shah
An integrated approach to detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis using BD MGIT 320 system and other diagnostic modalities. PDF
Gargi Choudhury, Partha Pratim Das, Lahari Saikia

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