Fallopian Tube Duplication: A rare anomalistic case report with review of literature”

  • Priyadarshini D Shridevi Institute of medical sciences and research Hospital, Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences
  • Arathi C.A
Keywords: Fallopian tube, duplication, anomaly, sterilzation


Fallopian tube duplication is a rare Mullerian duct anomaly which is seldom reported in available literature studies. We present a rare case of unilateral duplication of the fallopian tube in a 36-year-old female during routine grossing of hysterectomy specimen. Microscopic examination revealed normal histology of bilateral fallopian tubes along with the accessory Fallopian tube on one side. Fallopian tube duplication may contribute to infertility, ectopic pregnancy and can be a cause for failure of sterilization   


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