Superficial Angiomyxoma of index finger: A rare entity

Swati Patki, Pankaj Shah


Superficial acral angiomyxoma (SA) that is digital angiomyxoma is a rare tumor with a predilection for the subungual or periungual regions of the hands and feet. To date, fewer than 50 cases have been reported worldwide. The present case, hence, is unusual, because the lesion developed on the index finger.  Histologically characterized by being poorly delimited tumors with the presence of interstitial scanty cellularity and myxoid material. We discuss the clinical and histological features of digital SA as well as a brief outline of other myxoid lesions.

DOI: 10,21276/APALM.1652


Acral, cutaneous myxoma, superficial angiomyxomas

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