Pyogenic Granuloma like Kaposi Sarcoma: A Diagnosis Easily Missed

  • Smiley Annie George
  • Issam Michel Francis
Keywords: Pyogenic granuloma, Kaposi sarcoma, HHV-8


Pyogenic granuloma-like Kaposi sarcoma (PG-like KS) is a clinicopathologic variant of Kaposi sarcoma (KS), a vascular tumor caused by human herpesvirus-8 (HHV-8). PG-like KS is a challenging entity to diagnose because its clinical and histological features encompass features of both pyogenic granuloma (PG) and KS Distinction between the two entities is clinically important as the management is different. KS patients requires evaluation of their immunodeficiency status and follow-up. Throwing a HHV-8 LNA-1 immunohistochemistry helps in clinching the diagnosis. Recognition of the precise histological features and clinical correlation can facilitate the correct diagnosis.

Author Biographies

Smiley Annie George
Department of Histopathology, Mubarak Al Kabir Hospital, Jabriya, Kuwait. P.O.Box 43787, 32052
Issam Michel Francis
Department of Histopathology, Mubarak Al Kabir Hospital, Jabriya, Kuwait. P.O.Box 43787, 32052


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