Rare Spindle Cell Hemangioma of Bone: A Case Report

  • Leena Patwardhan Department of Pathology, BJ Wadia Hospitals
  • Sunita Sharma Department of Pathology, BJ Wadia Hospitals
Keywords: Bone tumours, femur, spindle cell haemangioma, vascular tumours


Spindle cell haemangioma (SCH), a rare vascular tumour usually appears as a cutaneous nodule and subcutaneous nodules in the extremities in adults in 4 th and 5 th decades of life.  Its occurrence in bone and paediatric age group is extremely rare.  We report a case of SCH arising at the lateral condyle of femur in a 16 year old female. It is important to avoid misdiagnosis as these lesions are considered to be benign, non neoplastic reactive vascular proliferations, with moderate incidence of recurrence.


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Case Report